About Marina Hahn Art

Marina Hahn’s respect for flora and fauna was the motivation for the series Talking Flowers, which now consists of 21 paintings: “In my view, both worlds are fundamentally system relevant for us. In the flower series, I paint, as I call it, in the three Ps: psychologically, philosophically, politically in an abstract way and then express it through a concrete form, such as through a flower.”

Marina Hahn wants to express thoughts and feelings free from gender, age or race context. Intellectually and emotionally, the talking flowers could be anyone. At the same time, they also stand for the flora, which is essential for our survival as humans: the flower as a tiny detail within the plant world, appreciated and discovered on a walk in Frankfurt/M., where Marina Hahn was born.

Marina Hahn discovered painting already as a child. In her youth more people saw the talent. After graduating from high school, the plan was to study art in Kassel. That seemed clear. The application portfolio was all set. Marina was about to start in art, doubted her talent and did not send in her portfolio. Instead she ended up first in Paris for over a year, then in London and then throughout the world especially in the USA. The study of art at university or some school moved into the distant future, but not art itself. Academically, Marina turned to history and Slavonic studies, went to Russia for research, dropped out of doctoral studies, started her own business in Frankfurt, started a family, got her master’s degree in business psychology, trained as an art therapist, and ended up in art as a self-taught artist.

Marina Hahn has always made art: on canvas, cardboard, paper, in her head. Initially her artwork was surrealistic in acrylic. Later she painted abstract in oil. Today in her threePs series Talking Flowers Marina uses watercolors and ink with references to pop art, impressionism, expressionism and Japanese woodcut art. However, the series itself is unique without a role-model in art history.

Lorber the Store, Frankfurt/M., Germany, since August 2020 Talking Flowers – prints on handmade paper / permanent exhibition and sale.

Art Nou Mil-lenni Gallery, Barcelona, Spain, 2021, December 16-30. Salon international artists. Talking Flowers – first exhibition of a selection of originals.


  • Originals on request


  • Marina Visuals are pictorial statements on genuine Bütten paper: each sheet is a unique handmade piece of paper.
  • In a digital printing process, professionals in the art of printing put a lot of effort into placing the watercolour on the special surface.
  • Marina signs and numbers by hand each sheet of the limited edition, re-colours some details of the print with brush and watercolours and stamps it on the back.
  • Printing is done on request, then processed, then beautifully packaged, …

Something special has been created.

Handmade paper
Bütten paper is handmade – as in the case of Marina Visuals – or produced on the cylinder-mold machine. Each deckle-edged sheet is unique. Bütten paper is the foundation of wood-free paper production. The Chinese invented it about 2000 years ago. Today, cotton fibres are scooped out of the pulp with the help of screen-covered frames and then dried. The fibrous deckle edge is created by the thinning sheet towards the edge.

Wooden frame 24x30cm/9.5×11.8 for the A5 (EU) print
The frame is made of German solid wood and also manufactured in Germany. The back of the frame is made of stable hard fibres with metal twist locks for easy picture changing if desired. The high-quality print sits fixed on a warm grey photo-cardboard under glass.